Chop Shop arrest made

On September 25th Jasper County Authorities arrested Dale Culpepper of Stringer, MS for operating a Chop Shop, a violation of MS Code 63-25-5. Culpepper is accused of changing or having someone change the VIN number on a flood vehicle in order to obtain a clear title. Jasper County notified the Mississippi Highway Patrol and an Agent with NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) of Culpepper’s alleged activity. MHP and NICB were also notified that Culpepper was going to bring the vehicle in question for salvage inspection to MHP on Tuesday morning. Culpepper was detained at the  MHP Salvage Office until Jasper County Authorities arrived and took Culpepper into custody. Deputies and NICB personnel searched Southern Collision Body Shop and the surrounding property where additional evidence was collected. Jasper County Sheriff’s Department is asking that anyone who purchased a vehicle from Dale Culpepper, D and D Auto Sales, Southern Collision Body Shop or Culpepper Auto Sales to please contact the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department at 601-764-2588 so we can check your vehicle and make sure you actually received what you purchased.